Neil Charles (bass + electronics)
Alexander Hawkins (keyboards + samples) 
Matt Wright (turntables, live sampling, sound design) 


Fusing influences from DJ Premier, Konono No.1 and the UK free improv scene, Spheric Totemic create a ritual of splintered rhythm, bass, keys and surround sound textures.

Featuring Neil Charles (Tomorrow’s Warriors, Terence Blanchard ) Alexander Hawkins (Alexander Hawkins Ensemble, Anthony Braxton Quartet) and Matt Wright (Trance Map, Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble) plus a host of collaborators, such as Olie Brice, Mandhira de Saram and Stephen Davis.

Collaborators / Partners

Olie Brice (bass)
Stephen Davis (drums)
Mandhira de Saram (violin)


Arco Barco, ContraPop Festival (Ramsgate UK)
Free Range (Canterbury UK)