10-11.1.24 // MAPUTO HYBRID recording / with Annette Schenck (bass clarinet) and Gonçalo Martins (percussion) / Royal Conservatory, The Hague, NL. 

12.1.24 // CRACKED GLAZE premiere / with Sofia Jernberg, Ensemble Klang and Spheric Totemic / part of the Musical Utopias festival / Korzo Theatre, The Hague, NL. [MORE INFO] [DONEMUS] 

19.1.24 // WINTERSOUND // with TRANCE MAP+ (Evan Parker, Matt Wright, Toma Gouband, Hannah Marshall), Noisy Women and Free Range Orchestra / Canterbury Christ Church University, UK. [MORE INFO]

28.1.24 // TRANCE MAP+ with Evan Parker, Hannah Marshall and Mark Sanders  / A tribute to Martin Davidson / Café Oto, London, UK [MORE INFO]

7.4.24 // TRANCE MAP+ with Evan Parker, Hannah Marshall, Pat Thomas, Barry Guy and Paul Lytton / Evan Parker's 80th birthday celebrations / Café Oto, London, UK. [MORE INFO]

12.4.24 // SPHERIC TOTEMIC / Alexander Hawkins (piano/keyboard), Neil Charles (bass), Stephen Davis (drums), Mandhira de Saram (violin), Matt Wright (electronics) / SARC: Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast, UK.  [MORE INFO]

26.4.24 // With Alexander Hawkins: SUITE DUKE  / Torino, Italy.  [MORE INFO]

18.5.14 // TRANCE MAP+ with Evan Parker, Olie Brice / 2 Ships Festival, Hastings, UK 

9.11.24 // Evan Parker ElectroAcoustic Ensemble / Essen, Germany.