As composer / co-composer

Trance Map+:  Etching the Ether

with Evan Parker, Peter Evans and Mark Nauseef

Trance Map+: Grounded Abstraction 

with Evan Parker and Robert Jarvis

Cutout  (6x6) 
with Adam Linson
Unrealtime Combat 
with Panos Ghikas

Locked Hybrids
with samples of Evan Parker, Mark Nauseef and Toma Gouband

The Wheel
with Robert Stillman

with samples of Toma Gouband
Crepuscule in Nickelsdorf
with Trance Map+
Speak Cities
with Keir Neuringer
Cold Highlife
with Ensemble Klang
Trance Map Live @ ContraPop
with Evan Parker

Single Combat
with Roger Redgate

Trance Map Live in Paris 
with Evan Parker and Toma Gouband

Trance Map
the original studio album with Evan Parker 

Music at the Edge of Collapse 
with Ensemble Klang 

English Landscape Painting 
with Christopher Redgate

with Andy Scott

In the Quiet of You
with London Flutes


with performer / production credit

All Knavery and Collusion 
Evan Parker Quartet 

Warsawa 2019
Evan Parker ElectroAcoustic Ensemble 

Togetherness Music
Alexander Hawkins Ensemble

Collective Calls (revisited) (jubilee) 
Evan Parker and Paul Lytton

Music for David Mossman 
Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton