Trance Map+ (trio) 

NB: it is expected that the FoH engineer will balance the mix of the band, including potential reverb if necessary. Once levels are set, this should not need to change in performance. Matt Wright will be processing sax and drums. 

Evan Parker (soprano saxophone) AKG 414 mic on stand 
piano stool 
wedge monitor
*Evan's feed is also sent via aux send from FoH to Matt channel 2 for processing. 

Matt Wright (turntable and sound design) 

will bring: M-audio 8 channel interface, laptop, records 
will need supplied: 
1 x table suitable for DJ setup
1 x turntable and stylus (Technics 1210 is fine)
1 x DJ scratch mixer (Allen and Heath X:23 or similar) 
1 x wedge monitor 
mono XLR feed of Evan (from FoH) into ch.2
stereo feed XLR of Toma (from FoH) into ch.3+4 
NB: I only have 1/4" outputs
Ideally 4.1 output (out 1: FL, out 2: FR, out 3: FL, out 4: FR, out 5: sub) 
stereo is also fine, but 2.1 preferable (out 1+2: L/R, out 3: subs) if with standard PA

Toma Gouband (percussion) 
1 x standard jazz drum kit + carpet 
1 x wedge monitor 
**Toma's feed is also sent via aux send from FoH to Matt's channel 3+4 for processing.